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We are excited to announce the 2nd edition of the Winter Warrior Challenge put on by Runner's Alley and sponsored by our good friends at Brooks Running. For the Winter Warrior Challenge, we challenge you to run or walk OUTSIDE every day for 31 days in January.

Track your mileage every day using our online platform powered by RaceWire and see how you stack up against the rest of the state. Living north of the Notches and trying to compete with your family in Portsmouth? No problem, all the mileage is inputted remotely by you and can be completed anywhere outdoors.

Don't forget to input your mileage EVERY DAY; one day without mileage logged and YOU ARE OUT!

Different Category Levels to Challenge Yourself!

At the end of the month, we tally up the results for those still in The Challenge (logged at least one mile every day of the month) and award a title of Gold, Silver or Bronze based on your daily mileage. See below for grouping requirements:

Convenient leaderboards are updated daily for Gold, Silver and Bronze categories so you can see how you stack up against your peers!

These mileage targets are NOT averages. You must complete at least 1, 3, or 5 miles each and every day of the competition to be placed in the various categories.

Team Challenge

Get your friends involved and see if you can stack up to be the Winter Warrior Team Champions! Teams must include at least 5 people. Join or Create a Team when starting your registration. If you need to change teams, please email and we can make the switch for you.

There will be two Team Champion categories this year:

Whether you have 200 people on your team, or 5, everyone has a chance. How does your team stack up?

Log Your Daily Runs

We now have 2 ways you can log your daily miles:

VERY IMPORTANT ON LOGGING MILEAGE: You only have 4 days to log a run in the system. For example, you will only be able to log your January 1st run through the end of day on January 4th. This prevents someone from logging all their miles on the last day of the competition. The leader boards will accurately depict who has done what within the competition.
If that 4th day passes and you have still not logged a run, you are out of the competition. There are no exceptions to this rule! The competition requires both running of the miles and accurately reporting the miles within the time frame.

Winter Warrior Gear

Want to wear your Winter Warrior badge proud? Grab some of the gear:

Commemorative Long Sleeve Tech Shirt - $15

A commemorative Winter Warrior Challenge long sleeve tech running shirt that will have the name of each person who completes The Challenge on the back under their Tiered Level (Gold, Silver or Bronze) that they earn. You can only preorder these shirts during registration until January 1st for $15 each. Get yours now, as they are only available until registration ends on January 1st. No shirts will be sold after registration ends.

Winter Warrior Hats - $15

Winter Warrior commemorative winter hats are new this year and are going to disappear FAST. You know, the extremely comfy knit hats with a little pompom on top? Those ones.

There are only a limited amount of these available, so get one while supplies last. All hats are One Size Fits Most.

When/How will I receive the gear I ordered?

Gear will arrive in stores for pick up around mid-February, as the commemorative shirts cannot be printed until after the competition is over. If you order an item, you will be notified via email upon arrival to the store. Your gear will be sent to the Runner's Alley store you selected as your 'home store' during the registration process.

You may also select the shipping option during registration for a small fee of $8. This option is only available for shipping addresses within the continental United States (sorry, no exceptions). All items will be shipped in mid-February.

Don't Go It Alone

Join in on the MANY Winter Warrior Events that take place all throughout the state at the various Runner's Alley locations. Events include:

Check out the full list of events near you at